Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Things - New Life

 From fashion to environmentalism, what society holds dear is reflected in color and decor trends. During 2011, interior decorating trends will reflect a return to family and an interest in preserving and exploring the past, as money and the pursuit of things will take a back seat.

The current trend of repurposed and recycled furniture and accessories intensifies the remaining months of 2010 and into 2011. Fueling this trend, in part, is a strong interest in green living. By reusing, repurposing, repainting and refinishing items instead of discarding them, people are doing a small part to protect the earth.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

introducing...our mascots

The design studio wouldn't be the same with out our very special mascots.  Sammy (the not so tall, dark and "handsome" one) is an 11 year old mixed breed.  Don't ask what he is...other than a dog with some very unique physical features.  His underbite being one of the most endearing.  Sammy was a "rescue" dog from Last Hope... meaning he was adopted by us when he had no other hope. But he has experienced love, warmth and a full belly here!  Sammy spends his days sleeping and eating...and scratching.  Bella is a Chi Poo, aka: chihuahua-poodle.  She too is a rescue dog adotpted Chirstmas of '08.  She spends her time barking, (sorry if I am on the phone with you when this occurs), playing...or trying to get you to play with her, and making Sammy's life miserable.  But he secretly loves her - we have heard reports of this from their groomer Beth at Canine Cleaners.  Carla Bast Interior Design is proud to sponsor each year the Minnesota Valley Humane Society Woofer and Hoofer to benefit homeless dogs.  http://www.wooferandhoofer.com/  Adopt a pet!

Carla Bast Interior Design is proud to announce the debut of our blog "design soup"! Stay tuned for design ramblings and more!