Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Remodeling Journey...Part ll

The Third Step: Design Development
Here we start to develop layouts of space and hone in on selections of materials. We produce a set of rough drawings for client review in which corrections or changes are directly sketched on the drawings as we fine-tune the design. Projects can stay in the design development phase for as short or as long as needed. The purpose is to assure all details are thoughtful and relate back to the initial concept.

Sharpie madness!

Furniture, fixtures and finish selections are beginning to take shape.
Planning for optimum use of the space.

Mulling over finishes.

Design inspiration...concepts for the kitchen.

Up Next:  Construction Documentation.
I know it sounds really boring...but just wait and see!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Anatomy of a remodel.

Come on a remodeling journey with us from completion. 

This Prior Lake family dreams of a kitchen update along with more space for their growing family.  The new plan will provide better views of their sprawling acreage throughout the main level, as as well as an office suite for the lady of the house.  All to be completed for their daughter's graduation party on July 30th!

The First Step: "The Programming Phase," is an information gathering time and is the most crucial step in the design process to create potential design solutions that work for you. We use the interview process to document how you will use the space(s), as well as any aesthetic preferences such as color and style. Measurements and photos are taken at this time.

Existing Ktichen

This fireplace is blocking our view... it MUST be moved!
Future site of an office suite fit for a queen!

The current home blueprint.

The Second Step:  Conceptual Design
This is the creative time in the design process. We propose meaning behind the design or design intent. We may use images to convey the concept, as well as preliminary renderings and materials. Based on client review, the design concepts are revised as needed to achieve the desired design goal.
                                                                   Oh - the possibilities...
      Here we're hammering out creative solutions with sketches and renderings to be mulled over with the homeowners.

Up Next:  Design Development...Stick with us!