Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday - Volume lll

 Minneapolis/St. Paul's Candice Simpson's fun new art made with 90% "green mixed media" (low voc plasters made from cork, shell, fibers and low voc metallic paint). Inspired by her trip to Itasca State Park.

1.  Choosing Art:  It can be difficult to get prints and artwork that aren't just mass-produced and bland... when you've spent all that time and investment in the design of your home, you don't want to spoil it all by slapping up just any old thing on your walls...

What you need is...

Something unique, and beautiful.
  • You want something to reflect the personality of your carefully designed room
  • You also want something to express a part of your own personality...
  • Or to make you feel a certain way... for example...in the bedroom, look something that makes you feel relaxed such as a landscape or something flowing.

2.  A definite "no-no" in the design world is purchasing matchy-matchy furniture and d├ęcorWhen everything matches, the room becomes so safe that it's boring. Buying a suite of furniture of the same design went out decades ago. And although many fabric and wallpaper manufacturers offer coordinated patterns to simplify the design process, use those coordinates (if you must), as a background for something old, something personal, something that makes the room your own. 

Definitely Do!
Definitely Don't!

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Two Tips Tuesday - Volume II

    Tip #1:  Furniture first – the rest later.  You might be inspired by a pillow, but that should not be your first purchase.  Select your furniture and then move on to pillows, window treatments and accessories.  They are the icing on the cake.

    Tip #2:  Throw Around Some color!
    On a chilly day there are few things that bring more comfort than a great throw blanket. You can use it sitting in a chair or in bed while reading or to put over you legs while watching TV. Things are getting chilly here is Minnesota...so my interest in additional warmth is high right now!
    There are so many beautiful styles and materials. From Merino wool to cashmere or a quilt. I genuinely think this is something worth splurging a little on. For the number of times a throw gets used, its cost per us is pennies!

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Two Tips Tuesday - Volume 1

    Tip 1:  Furniture –It makes a statement in a room. Furniture, especially older furniture, is often extremely well made. The frame is often hardwood and very sound.  Don't throw out grandma's old chair...have it reupholstered with an updated fabric to breathe new life into it and to coordinate with your other pieces.  I love mixing old with new, it is so much more interesting!  In furnishing your spaces, don't fall for those big box chain store pieces (hint:  PB)...they are glued together, trendy and way overpriced.  And don't go for the whole room (or even just a sofa) for $500 (or 'round that price).  You will regret it a year or so from now when you have to replace it because the frame or cushions have given way and the fabrics are pilling and worn...not to mention it is just bad feng shui!
    Personality Plus...and in for the long haul!
    Tip 2:  High ceilings tend to have a dulling effect of the lighting because the general lighting you have on the ceiling rarely has the power to illuminate the whole space or function for tasks.   Many homes I visit don't have adequate or the proper type of lighting... this is especially true of homes with high ceilings.  For ample and proper lighting of a space it is necessary to light from both above and below. That can easily be achieved by mood lights on the floor, at mid-level with lamps for tasks and ambiance, then from the ceiling to give ample light to illuminate the whole space. Beams on the rafters (if they show), accented by hanging chandeliers will illuminate the architecture and take full advantage of the high ceiling space.

    We mounted these amazing iron lanterns to the beams of our clients North Shore timber frame home.  This adds the light where it is needed, highlighting the architecture at the same time.